A Short Guide to Mansard Loft Conversions

Loft conversion is one of the best solutions when people are looking to add more space to home and don’t want to consider the option of moving. While there are different types of loft conversions that can be explored, mansard is one of the most popular. Even though this form of loft conversion does require a great deal more work as opposed to others, it also adds a lot more space. If you are wondering whether to go with mansard loft conversion or not, it is best to learn more about it.

What is a Mansard Loft Conversion?

This loft conversion is named after Francois Mansart, a 17th century French architect. They are regarded as an extension over the entire plan of the roof of your property. Mansard loft conversion is found at the rear of the property and it changes the roof’s sloping side to an almost vertical side, which is at least 72 degrees. You will have a flat roof and the windows will not be small dormers.

Do you Need Planning Permission?

When you are going for a mansard loft conversion, planning permission is almost always needed. You can create maximum living space through these conversions as it is not very different from creating another storey on your property. This leads to changes in the roof structure and shape due to which it cannot be done without planning permission.

How Much does it Cost?

You will find out that a mansard loft conversion is typically more expensive than any other kind of conversion. However, you will have a lot of space ultimately because it will change the structure of your roof. Since more work is required, it is a given that it will cost you more, but you can get a return in the form of increased space.

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