Maintaining a Good Relationship With Your Employees Virtually

Most businesses have to request employees to stay home and work outside the office environment. It might be convenient for others, but the isolation isn’t ideal. Some employees love going to the office because they will have a chance to be with their colleagues. They enjoy goofing around. Others want to have someone to rant with if they have some problems at work. These things are quite impossible now since everyone needs to work remotely. As a leader, you should search for a way to continue building a positive relationship among the employees despite the distance.

Host a weekly game night

There are fun games that you can do online with your colleagues. You can have a trivia night. Everyone can take turns in hosting an activity. You can sponsor the prizes for the winners of each game night. Make sure it’s not a mandatory activity since others might not be interested. The good thing about these game nights is that you can keep in touch with everyone without talking about work.

Encourage employees to talk to each other privately

Some employees are lucky that they can keep working from home with family members. Others don’t have that luxury. They have to work in isolation. You might even have employees with loved ones battling the virus. The best way of showing support is by talking privately. Even a simple message would suffice at times. Those who go through a rough time need someone to talk to.

Always make yourself available

You might also be going through a lot since you have to manage your team remotely. Despite that, you should have time to talk to your employees. If they need someone to talk to, you have to make yourself available. Let them know that you’re there for a private conversation. Given some employees’ isolation, it’s enough to have someone else listen to them. You’re not the first person they expect to share problems with, and it means a lot to them that you gave time.

Continue rewarding excellent performances

Some of your employees might keep working hard despite the working conditions. You should notice their hard work and reward them if possible. It encourages these employees to work even harder and entice others to do the same.

Give employees something to look forward to

The current work setup isn’t ideal, and no one wants to work from home all the time. When things get back to normal, everyone would be delighted. You can make it even better by hosting a funfair hire. It’s a fun activity where employees can invite family members to join. After months of staying at home in isolation, everyone can bond through this fun event.

It’s challenging to maintain a good relationship given the current situation. Being physically apart makes us feel emotionally apart too. You can’t let it happen. Having a good relationship is crucial to the success of the team. Do whatever you can to keep the bond healthy.

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