Protect Your Dog or Puppy with Pet Insurance

When a family or individual adds a pet into his or her family, the pet becomes more than just an animal. It becomes an integral part of the family; in fact, the pet is regarded as a member of the family. Just like there are different forms of insurance for individuals, be it health or life insurance, the pet as part of the family should also enjoy the benefits of coverage. Due to the commitment of many pet owners in the United States specifically, the pet insurance industry has risen in ranks. The industry is among the few that are growing rapidly.

Why Do Pets Need Insurance?

As human beings, pets are also prone to illness and accidents. The advancement in technology in the vet medical industry has led to an increase in the cost of veterinary care. Since the health of pets cannot be ignored, the rise in cost has led to the need for insurance for pets. In the United States, the most common kind of pets are dogs especially puppies, followed by cats. Dogs are infamous for finding trouble when least anticipated, hence the visits to the vet for a dog owner are more constant than usual. Due to this factor, most insurance companies offer their clients the opportunity to buy dog and puppy insurance.

Dog and Puppy Insurance

Dog insurance plans are a bit unique than other pet insurance covers. A good insurance plan for a dog should cover the following;

  • The unexpected- accidents involving dogs are common. When the accident is least expected, gathering the money to handle it may be difficult. Insurance covers should be able to cover the medical costs in case of an accident. Other unexpected situations or conditions may include illnesses, cancer, congenital issues and hereditary condition among other health issues which the owner may not have anticipated. A good plan should cover all these.
  • The anticipated- not all visits to the vet are as a result of an illness or an accident. There are expected visits for reasons like vaccination, dental clinics, and neutering among other regular visits. A dog or puppy insurance plan should cover all these expected medical charges as well.

Several insurance companies offer all these coverages and even more. So how do you decide on which one to choose? When deciding on which plan to go with, other factors to consider are the ranges of deductibles and levels of reimbursement for more information you can visit a site like

A deductible is an amount that the insurance company pays out. This is normally on the basis of per incident or annually. On the other hand, the reimbursement refers to the amount that the owner has to pay to collaborate with the amount paid by the insurance company. In such a case that the pet owner has to pay the vet directly, the insurance company has to be able to compensate the owner for the money. However, the compensation cannot be a hundred percent, therefore before landing on a play, a pet owner should also take into consideration the amount payable or percentage in such a case.

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