Guide to Buying a Shower Cabin

If you are thinking about getting a shower cabin for your home, there are certain things that you need to consider first to ensure that it will fit your space, lifestyle, and budget. Below are the things to consider before buying one.


Shower cabins are like bathrooms that hold everything you’ll need to take a shower. A shower cabin is a leak-proof enclosure that provides shower systems and body jets. Included in this shower capsule are the floor and its walls and doors which are usually made of glass or acrylic, making it a whole bathing package that won’t need additional renovation to be able to fit a space.

Can your bathroom accommodate one?

Size plays a role, as it needs a larger space for all its amenities to fit inside along with the occupant, since, they are enclosures that hold almost everything a person needs to take a shower. Dimensions of 800 mm x 800 mm and a height of 2 metres is the standard size requirements to fit one in your bathroom.

For smaller bathrooms

For those who have a small bathroom but want to have a shower cabin, considering a professional’s help is a great option. They’ll be able to help with measuring and choosing the kind of unit that will suit your bathroom and preferences.

Considering the type of door and style also helps with cutting the space requirement.

Some other things to consider when looking for a shower cabin

  • Glass thickness. The thickness of the glass can range from 4mm to 10 mm; the price and weight also increase along with its width.
  • More accessories are equivalent to a greater variety of practical usage. However, be ready for a higher price tag compared to the standard packages.
  • To lessen the cost, opting for a smaller shower cabin, affordable brand names, and fewer accessories will help diminish the price.

Things that are usually included in a shower cabin


Below are things that you can expect when you purchase one.

  • Frames
  • Glass/acrylic walls
  • Doors(Choose from bi-fold, pivoting and sliding. Depending on need and preferences.)
  • Showerhead
  • Tray (A recommended accessory as it helps with barricading the water)
  • Flooring
  • Body jets

Some tips you can consider

  • Clear walled glass gives the illusion of a larger area, ideal for the small bathrooms to look less cramped.
  • Some recommend choosing a curved wall style because it takes less space and easily fits the corners of a room.
  • The rectangular-shaped look provides more space to move around inside the shower.
  • Look for a professional consultation to help with cost estimation and planning.
  • Frosted or textured glass is an option for those who don’t have time to clean all the time, since it demands less polishing compared to its clear glass counterpart.

The things to consider before investing in a shower cabin may seem extensive but allotting enough time to prepare everything beforehand is an important factor for maximising satisfaction.

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