The Side Effects of Proper Oil and Grease Disposal

Fat, oil and grease can create a number of problems in the average household. We have all experienced an unpleasant blockage from one of these substances, whether it be in our bathroom, the kitchen, or the pipe system within the walls of the house itself. Grease and oil can certainly take a toll on the common household, but what about the impact it has on the environment? Wastewater treatment plants act to purify the water we use, but the ever-growing amount of oil and grease that we find circulating through water plants can prove to be quite a challenge. Grease can pollute local streams, and oil can cause major blockages in our sewers that create massive flooding. The amount of grease and oil that gets flushed down your pipes may seem inconsequential on your scale, but over time, the build-up of oil, fat, and grease can cause major blockages in our pipeline systems that threaten the well-being of our environment. This is why proper oil and grease disposal is something essential that every household should practice.

The amount of waste that is produced from oil and grease has the potential to be a major environmental threat, but when equipped with the proper grease traps and methods of removal, we can keep our spaces clean. It is possible to recycle some oils, but if the substance is impossible to repurpose, allowing the oil or grease to cool and placing it in a disposable container is an effective way of disposing of these substances. Do this and avoid disposing of excess oil or grease in the trash can, sink, or toilet. Some cities may have specialized collection bins for household oils and grease as well.

If you find that a pipe in your household becomes blocked with oil or grease, there are some things you can use at home to attempt a fix. Filling your sink with hot water and using a plunger can be an effective method for simple clogs. Baking soda and vinegar create a solution that can remove a drain clog in some cases. In more severe instances, you may have to take apart the PVC pipe and use a snake to locate the clog. At times, the damage to pipes can be severe, and the blockage may be too far gone for a simple household remedy. In these instances, a number of organizations specialize in grease removal and cleaning. These companies may operate on a local level or may only service select restaurants and commercial businesses. A number of companies specialize in grease removal chicago il, Atlanta Ga, and all major cities rely on grease removal services for major pipeline issues.

Many of us do not realize the impact we have on the environment until it’s too late. There are so many things the average household can do to reduce waste, repurpose their items, and properly dispose of hazardous chemicals. Creating a sustainable environment not only ensures a good present, it guarantees a positive future.

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