Maintaining your Drum Kit- A Short Guide

When you have invested your money in a beautiful drum kit, you obviously want to keep it in excellent condition. If you don’t want the kit to lose its value or its sound, then it is important to maintain it at all times. Maintaining your drum kit is extremely easy, as long as you know what to do.

Things you should avoid

First and foremost, you should learn the things you shouldn’t do to keep your drum kit running in optimal condition. You shouldn’t expose it to temperature changes like extreme cold or extreme heat. The drum kit cannot handle extreme heat because the wood will expand and crack whereas the cold will cause it to shrink and this will affect the sound.

Pay attention to the cymbals

Get some nylon cymbal sleeves for covering the cymbals. This can keep them clean and avoid unexpected damage. They also need to be cleaned on a regular basis or else they will wear down and small cracks will start appearing.

Change the drum skins

The most important thing to do for your drum is to change its skins (heads). Most of them should be changed in every 5 to 6 months, except the snare which should be changed twice as often because it is beat up more. When there are lots of scratches and dents visible, you should change the skin.

Clean and tune up

Regular cleaning and drum-kit tuning are also essential steps that should be included in your maintenance routine. Get your hands on appropriate cleaning products and tools to ensure you don’t damage your kit.

Check the chrome

Chrome can be found all over your drum kit; mounts, lugs, rims and stands are usually chrome plated. Avoid spilling anything on your drum kit and don’t let it get wet because moisture will destroy the chrome.

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