Pros and Cons of Using Timber Slats for Fence Screening

Timber slats is a construction material you should consider when building your home’s fence screening. It has a distinct look that can transform your space while still providing other beneficial uses such as privacy.

However, since timber slats are made of wood, they are not the best when it comes to withstanding moisture. And while they generally offer a unique look to a property, their overall aesthetic may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

That’s why before investing in timber slats, it’s important to know the following benefits and disadvantages that they can bring to your home. To guide you, here are the pros and cons of using timber slats for your fence screening.

Fence Screening 101: Pros and Cons When Using Timber Slats

1.   PRO: Durable

If you’re looking for longevity, investing in timber slats is a wise decision.

They are strong, reliable materials that can last for many years to come. Overall, they provide excellent value to your money as you don’t have to buy new materials every 5 years or so.

Tip: Apply wood preservatives to enhance the natural durability timber slats have.

2.   CON: Susceptible to Shrinking and Swelling

While some types of timber species are generally water-resistant, it’s important to know that timber slats are still a naturally porous, hygroscopic construction material.

As a result, they are susceptible to shrinking and swelling. They can even cause stubborn stains when not properly taken care of.

3.   PRO: Sustainable

Timber slats are environment-friendly and sustainable. As such, they are the perfect construction material to invest in especially if you want to minimise your carbon footprint.

They are also renewable which means you don’t have to throw away old and damaged timber slats. You can simply re-use them for other purposes, such as firewood for your backyard or chair in your living room.

4.   CON: Prone to Deterioration

However, since they are made of natural and organic materials, timber slats can deteriorate over time due to biotic agents (decay, fungi, bacteria, and insects) and abiotic agents (sun, wind, and water).

Wood Boring insects can attack timber slats, leaving holes and lines throughout the surface. However, fungi are probably the worst one as they can cause complete decay when not treated well.

Tip: Look for timber slats made of wood species (bamboo, oak, juniper) that have natural decay-resistant properties.

5.   PRO: Versatile

Timber slats come in many different tones and colours. So whether you want a rustic look or a modern ambience in your fence screenings, you can achieve it by using this extremely versatile construction material.

Furthermore, you can fit timber slats in any design elements found in your property, thanks to its unique yet complementing overall look.

6.   CON: Repetitive Look

Still, the distinct aesthetic appeal timber slats can bring to your home is not for everybody. One might find the texture a bit too repetitive, especially when used all-around your property.

Furthermore, timber has natural oxidation characteristics which can result in a faded look. And depending on one’s decorative tastes, this could be ultimately unappealing.

Did You Know? Even though timber fence screenings can oxidize in some way, the effect of oxidation is more apparent on metal fences, which suffers from rusting.

7.   PRO: Cost-Effective

Since timber fence screening is made of natural materials, they usually come at a lower price compared to other construction materials.

They are also easier to construct and alter (in case of future renovations), thanks to their lightness. Furthermore, they take lesser time to build completely, ultimately resulting in lower expenses.

8.   CON: High-Maintenance

In order to maximise the use of timber slats in your home, you need to properly maintain them by using special timber care products.

This includes polishes, oils, stains. It’s important to know that these products do not come at an expensive cost upfront. However, when used regularly, the amount of money you spend on them can considerably get higher.  Still, timber slats are easier to repair and maintain compared to other materials.

When used for your fence screening, timber slats provide a variety of benefits to your space. However, before investing in them, it’s a must to know these pros and cons of using timber slats for your fence screening.

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