Should Churches Be Esoteric or Trendy?

I am not sure whether they’re doing this to try and attract younger people in, or because humanity as a whole is accepting different ways of living and doing things, which means changing a religion’s tradition to something more temporary. But churches in my area are becoming more mainstream and hipper. Whether you believe in a God, no God, or a lot of gods, one thing is true, there was a method of creation, and this is the answer we are seeking and the reason why we created the religions we now have on this planet. In this article we will discuss religion and esoteric beliefs.

Churches and Trends

Like we mentioned in the introduction, it seems that churches are being more lenient on their previously strict ways. In the area where I live, the Rock Church seems to be completely different than any other Christian church, but this attracts hundreds of people to its services, and thousands of people to its events. They have large flat screen T.V.s for people to see the pastor and messages that are more powerful when seen through video. When paying tithes, you can do it through Apple pay and online. They play music that would be considered sacrilegious at a traditional, smaller Christian Church.

There are churches for other religions as well. I began looking into the church of Scientology found some Christian references in it. Their logo is an edited version of the Christian cross, and one of their teachings explains the trinity as the “Thetan, the mind, and the body.” This is in line with the Rock Church in the way that they attract people into the church. They have televisions inside of the church for you to watch summaries of their beliefs and you’re welcomed anytime. It’s sort of like a store, but for religion.

Humans tend to be esoteric in the ways in which we create groups and followings. That’s the only reason why religions exist. There have been men who thought certain things and understood certain pieces of knowledge differently than the rest. They then began to teach these things to those who were open to it, and soon they created a religion. You can see religions in things that you wouldn’t categorize as “religion”, but think about it, horse racing, soccer, football, baseball, modeling, parties, etc. These are all religions and things we make a habit.

In conclusion, in this article we discussed a few religions that have some things in common, or one copied the other. Regardless, it seems that religion is now becoming more of a trend or a way for people to socialize. I believe that there’s no need for people to gather to connect to the creator, if there is a creator to connect with. But let’s just say there is, and everything we’ve learned is true, then all you have to do to connect is to find a quiet space and start connecting.

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