Things to Contemplate before Getting Party Rental Services


Preparing to host a party generally has a lot of preparation anxiety. Exploring the party planning sector is not easy either as there are a lot of activities to be carried out. Specialized personnel ensure the smooth flow of activities ranging from the food to the seating arrangements to the gifts.

Activities like performances, birthdays, meetings, baby showers, workshops and weddings among others require proper planning. The party rentals companies come in handy to provide most of the services requested.

The services offered by San Francisco party rental include event equipment and event specialists to cater for all the event needs. The event equipment includes furniture, linens, catering, garden space, projectors, stages, tents, and lighting. The furniture and linen are provided in various patterns, textures, and colors.

The event specialists, on the other hand, provide step by step measures to be taken before and during the party. They include the chefs, decorating team, cleaners and sometimes the master of ceremony and the entertainment team.

Several party rental companies have rules, regulations, and procedures regarding the services they offer. Different parties have different specifications ranging from the theme, type of equipment and venues to be used. The guidelines and policies include;

Bookings and Payments

Different companies vary with their modes of reservation, but with the technology, most reservations are made online. A deposit fee is usually required in order to be sure of the order and make prior reservations.

Payments can be made through cash, credit cards, personalized cheque, email transfers or direct deposits. The whole amount can be paid when placing the order or at any other point before the items are delivered.

Alterations and Annulment

Rental companies require notices of any changes fourteen days prior to the event to avoid attracting a cancellation fee. Increase or reduction in numbers can be made before delivery or pick up and are billed separately. They can be made via phone, email or in person.

Delivery of Equipment

Unless you specify that you need the equipment delivered, most companies require one to pick them up. If they are delivered, the charges are based on the drop off points accessible to the truck mostly the driveway or the yard. It is advisable to request for delivery to avoid the damages that can occur during transportation.

Set Up

The companies usually set up the tents, accessories, portable flooring, staging, lighting packages, furniture and additional setups at an added fee. They, however, do not offer table settings, linens, and decorations but can coordinate when required.


Once the event is over, the items are required to be taken back to the company. Appointing one person to be in charge ensures that the right equipment is collected and packaged in the required manner. Items that do not belong to the company are packaged and shipped back to the client.

Damaged and Missing Items

It is normal to break some glasses and other fragile items in any big gathering. Missing or damaged items are identified by the rental company, and the client is made aware. If they cannot be found within a day, replacement fees are then charged. There will also be extra charges on any hard stains on the linen.

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